The Best Happy Flower Show Graphic SmallWe’ve been working diligently on an all new set of custom flower pots. In fact, if you’re our friend on Facebook, you may have noticed some of our photos.

On Saturday, May 25th we’ll be selling all of the flower pots at The Plant Stand (9505 N. May Ave.) from 10AM-2PM. If your in the neck of the woods, you should stop by.

Here’s what you have to look forward to…

20130509-105052.jpg 20130509-105938.jpg 20130509-105926.jpg 20130509-105917.jpg 20130509-105906.jpg 20130509-105855.jpg 20130509-105846.jpg 20130509-105839.jpg 20130509-105831.jpg 20130509-105823.jpg 20130509-105812.jpg 20130509-105800.jpg 20130509-105634.jpg 20130509-105620.jpg 20130509-105613.jpg 20130509-105605.jpg 20130509-105557.jpg 20130509-105548.jpg 20130509-105536.jpg 20130509-105524.jpg 20130509-105514.jpg 20130509-105506.jpg 20130509-105457.jpg 20130509-105448.jpg 20130509-105400.jpg 20130509-105350.jpg 20130509-105342.jpg 20130509-105252.jpg 20130509-105324.jpg 20130509-105243.jpg 20130509-105233.jpg 20130509-105224.jpg 20130509-105218.jpg 20130509-105207.jpg 20130509-105158.jpg 20130509-105151.jpg 20130509-105143.jpg 20130509-105135.jpg 20130509-105123.jpg 20130509-105103.jpg

See you on the 25!

3 Responses to “The Best Happy Flower Pot Show”

  1. Anonymous

    You all are so nice to have it right down the street from my house, and close to Gina’s house too! We will definitely be there. My plants need some cool pots! Cyd


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