How can I join Bee’s Knees?

There are currently no openings for new entrepreneurs in Bee’s Knees. We have limited space and openings are only available to new entrepreneurs when a current entrepreneur transitions out of Bee’s Knees. Future openings are filled by artists and entrepreneurs we have developed auxiliary relationships with through participation at Bee’s Knees events, exhibits, and other special projects. It is important to us that anyone interested in joining us in our entrepreneurial pursuits is a good fit for Bee’s Knees.


Can I start my own entrepreneurial group like Bee’s Knees?

Yes. Bee’s Knees has been developed as a model that could be replicated by other groups in other communities. We would be glad to share with you what we know and how we got started.


Can I commission a piece of artwork?

Yes. Please see our commission proposal page. Click here.


Do you know where I can find help?

Yes. If you or someone you know is looking for help, please consider checking out these resources:


Oklahoma Autism Network

Oklahoma Developmental Disabilities Council

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